Committee Leaders

Anne Molgaard, Executive Director for FIRST 5

acmAnne is the Executive Director for FIRST 5 Mendocino. FIRST 5 supports young children and their families throughout Mendocino County. FIRST 5 grants funding and resources so that all children are happy, healthy, and ready for kindergarten.

Anne came to Mendocino County as the 1991 State Bar Association’s Community Lawyer Fellow. She primarily represented clients in affordable housing litigation and although the court clerks cringed, she regularly introduced cockroaches, snakes and rodents into evidence of unhealthy housing and landlord greed.

Before law school, Anne was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, Central America and is happy to explain why you should sprinkle your sugar on your coffee beans as you roast them.

Anne was elected to the Ukiah School Board in 2011. She previously served as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Ukiah. She has also served on a variety of not for profit boards of directors.

Anne’s most time-consuming passion is being with her own team—Zane and Aleyna. Zane is now 18 and Aleyna Clare is 13, and both keep her dancing and laughing.